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Click on the link below to submit an immigration question online using our client consultation form for an answer personally from our immigration attorney within 24 hours: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS FOR A FREE IMMIGRATION CONSULTATION WITH OUR ATTORNEY AND GET ANSWERS AND ADVICE TODAY! GUARANTEED! CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR OFFICE WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAW Office is a full-service immigration law firm that specializes in family, employment and investment-based immigration cases as well as non-immigration visa applications and extensions. We are an international law firm with the central office location in Los Angeles, California. Our experienced team of dedicated attorney has been representing serving clients all over the United States for years on many difficult immigration cases. Our office frequently handles the following immigration issues: Family-Based Immigration and Visa 1. Bringing family members into the United States on tourist visa 2. Bringing your spouse from another country into the United States on fiancé visa 3. Bringing your children from another country into the United States on immigrant visa (green card) 4. Bringing your fiance/e from another country into the United States on a fiancee visa (K-1 Visa) 5. Making sure that children of your relative can immigrate with them (Child Status Protection Act) 6. 245(i) Protection for Green Card. (for those who entered without inspection or have been out of status) 7. Assisting in filing for green card based on being a victim of domestic violence or abuse. (VAWA petition) 8. Assisting in changing a temporary green card into a permanent green card. (Form I-751 Packet) Immigration to the U.S. based on having employment 1. Green card applications for individuals with extraordinary and exceptional skills and accomplishments (EB-1) 2. PERM and Green card applications for professors and advanced researchers with high educational level (EB-2) 3. Green card applications for investors who open up their own business or invest in Regional Center 4. Work permit through professional employment (H-1b Visa). 5. Work permit and nonimmigrant investment visa for individuals from countries that signed a treaty with United States (E-1/E-2) 6. NAFTA Treaty Visa for Canadian and Mexican professional workers (TN Visa) 7. Work permit for international executives with new company in the U.S. or existing branch (L-1A) 8. Work permit for international transfer work with special skills to new company in the U.S. or existing branch (L-1B) Non-immigrant Visa to Visit the United States 1. Tourist Visa & Business Visa Extension and Change to another visa within the United States 2. Advanced parole travel document for green card applicants who are waiting for approval 3. Help renewing work permit in various types of situations 4. Help renewing lost or expired green card, with criminal issue analysis Deportation Defense in immigration court and with immigration judge 1. Represent you in deportation proceedings to stop deportation or filing motion to reopen (limited to Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego County) 2. Represent you if you have immigration hold or other criminal issues that may lead to deportation 3. Represent you through green card application through marriage while you are in deportation proceeding 4. Represent you through Cancellation of Removal and NACARA in deportation & removal proceeding 5. Represent you in asylum application with USCIS and in deportation and removal proceeding 6. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in immigration court if you are from Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti or El Salvador United States Citizenship and Naturalization Services 1. Assistance in determining whether your criminal conviction will cause you to be deported or can you apply for citizenship 2. Past Criminal Convictions Analysis and Post-Conviction Relief if you need to get rid of your convictions for citizenship purposes 3. Represent you in citizenship interview and providing you all of the possible questions on the citizenship exam 4. Assistance in getting you proof of citizenship if your parents naturalized before you turned 18 years of age Pending Immigration Case Follow-Up Service 1. WE FOLLOW UP ON CASES THAT HAVE BEEN PENDING IN USCIS LONGER THAN IT SHOULD == CALL OR EMAIL NOW TO RECEIVE ANSWERS TO YOUR IMMIGRATION QUESTIONS DIRECTLY FROM ATTORNEY ==== EMAIL INQUIRY BOX OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK AND ATTORNEY ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION GUARANTEED== == Phone Consultation: MONDAY through SATURDAY from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM AND ALL MESSAGES RETURNED WITHIN 24 HOURS FOR SURE== === E-MAIL CONSULTATION PREFERRED AFTER 6:00PM FOR QUICK RESPONSE ====== SERVING IMMIGRANT COMMUNITIES NATIONWIDE, CENTRALLY LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA === === OUR LAWYER’S DIRECT LINE: (949)228-3922 ====== INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS OFFERED TO LOW INCOME CLIENTS AND WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ONLINE=== === SEND YOUR IMMIGRATION QUESTIONS TO: === I am a US citizen, how do I apply for a visa for my wife? How can my wife receive an immigrant visa to come to the United States? Can my wife apply for the green card if she enters the United States as a tourist? Can my wife apply for the green card if she uses ESTA visa waiver to enter the United States? I am a US citizen can I petition for my stepchildren if the marriage takes place before their 18th birthday? If my income does not meet the requriement under the federal poverty guideline, do I need to get a co-sponsor? Can my joint sponsor be self-employed? Do I need a birth certificate to apply for a green card? Do I need to translate my birth certificate for the green card appications? How do I find USCIS forms online? How much is the filing fee for the permanent resident status applications? What kind of documents should I prepare for the green card applications? Will I need to be interviewed by INS to receive a green card? I am a US citizen, can I bring my brothers and sisters to the United States for immigration? how long does it take to apply for a green card for brothers and sisters? Do I need their birth certificates in order to petition for their immigrant visa? How do I contact National Visa Center NVC regarding my pending case. When will I have to submit the affidavit of support and the visa fees? Can I pay the visa fees online? Where can I pay for the visa application fees on the internet? How much money do I need to bring my spouse to the United States? I am a US citizen, can I petition for my parents? What documentation paperwork do I need to prepare for my parents for the immigrant visa? Can my parents enter the United States on visitors visa and apply for a green card? Will my parents need to keep the I-94 card to apply for permanent resident status? What if my parents have lost the I-94 cards given to them at the Custom in the airport? How can I bring my fiance to the United States to live? Can I petition my fiance if I am divorced? Will I need to obtain certified divorce decree to get my fiancee a K-1 visa? Can my fiance bring her children with her to the United States? Do I need to submit separate visa petition for the children? How long does it take to get a K-1 visa. Will my fiancee need to have her birth certificate to apply for the K-1 visa? Can my fiancee enter the United States on a tourist visa to get married? Does my fiancee have to wait after coming to the United States to get married? What can I do if my fiancee and I did not get married within the 90 day as required by the k-1 visa? How can my fiancee work in the United States? Can my fiancee who entered on a K-1 visa apply for a work permit? How do I apply for the green card for my fiancee after she enters the United States on a K-1 visa? Does my fiance need a medical exam for the green card application? Will my fiancee and I be interviewed by USCIS? Information on immigrant visa. The immigrant visa can be done for a Citizen’s parents, spouse and children. Children in US immigration law means people under 21 year of age. When a child turns 21, he or she becomes a son or a daughter of US citizen. Immigrant visa or “green card” or permanent residency can be sent to Parents of US citizen even if the parents have been out of status for a while and are currently in the United States. If your spouse has children from prior marriage and she can prove maternity by birth certificate then the children will also receive permanent resident under current US immigration law. The children must be under 18 when the marriage took place in order to receive an immigrant visa through the parents’ marriage. When you get married to a US citizen and you are from another country and the interview happened before your second anniversary, you will receive a conditional card and will need to submit a Form I-751 petition to remove the condition on the green card when it expires. USCIS will need to review the I-751 with evidence relating to the bona fide marriage for the truthful marriage. For example, it would be helpful to have a lot of photos to prove as evidence on Form I-751 and other documents such as joint tax filing on Form 1040 showing filing as married couple, and a lease agreement showing joint residence for the petition to remove the condition on the green card and apply for the 10 year green card. I got my green card through marriage to a US citizen but now we are separated. I got my green card by getting married with a US citizen and I received a conditional card, I can still remove the condition on my green card as long as I gather sufficient evidence that the marriage was real when it lasted. We have declaration samples for friends and families who can sign and attest to the validity of the marriages. I came to the United States as a tourist (B-2) and I want to study in the United States, I can change to a student status and receive another I-94 card and start attending classes in the United States. I cannot attend class until my change of status application is approved by USCIS. Change of status application is on Form I-539 and it can be downloaded at I need to first find the school I would like to attend around where I live because I probably will not be able to get a driver’s license under the tourist B-2 status and must get a student I-94 and shows enrollment in school to get a driver’s license. After finding a school that issues I-20 and find the right program, I would begin to complete Form I-539 and submit it with my supporting evidence to USCIS in Laguna Niguel. I must have the I-20 before I can apply for change of status to keep staying in the United States. If you are looking for a school for the F-1 status in the United States you should probably be able to show that you have sufficient fund to finish the school (money in the bank) or be prepared to find a sponsor (family or friend). I came to the United States to visit family, and now I wish to extend my status so that I can stay longer to be with my family. You should know that by filing the extension you will automatically have a little over a month or so to stay in the United States. You should depart the United States before you receive a decision for Form I-539 from USCIS because it can cause your visa to be cancelled and you will need to reapply for it again. This will be difficult for those consulate/embassies where visa are hard to get approval for. JCS Immigration Law Office - Immigration Attorney Direct CALL (949)228-3922 or EMAIL WEB: We specialize in green card processing with USCIS and Department of State, US Embassy. Attorney visa services also include K-1 fiancee visa and K-3 spouse visa. We will assist with all documentation and paperwork presentation. We represent clients in green card applications by marriage to US citizen with USCIS all the way to interview for permanent resident status. Step-children will also qualify for the legal status if the marriage to US citizen takes place before the child's 18th birth day. We are also experienced with Child Status Protection Act and can help determine whether aged-out children qualify for an immigrant visa. We can also help you with affidavit of support preparation. We are experienced immigration attorneys and we have filed many approved I-130 and I-485 for permanent resident status. Please be aware that you must submit all supporting documentations with your I-130 and I-485. USCIS may reject your applications for green card if you do not submit all of the supporting evidence with your applications. You will receive a work permit within 90 days of submitting your USCIS forms with the USCIS office having jurisdiction over your residence. If you entered with inspection, you should have been issued an I-94 at the airport or land entry, and in order to receive your green card you must have a copy of your I-94. If you entered the United States with a tourist visa (B1/B2) and overstayed your status, you can still apply for a green card based on marriage. If you enterd the United States illegally, then you should speak to an attorney about your eligibility for 245i protection. To qualify under 245i, you must have a prior petition that was filed for you on or before April 30, 2001. The prior 1-130 petition must be approvable when filed. A labor certificate will also qualify you for 245i petition as long as it is approvable when filed. If you currently hold a student status or if you were an international student, you can still receive a green card by marrying a US citizen even if you have dropped out of school. You will need to prepare your passport, birth certificate and marriage certificate for green card processing We accompany clients to green card interview with local USCIS office. USCIS used to be called INS and it was consolidated with several other agencies into one under Department of Homeland Security. Immigration forms are now available for download online, but you must kow which forms to file to successfully obtain the immigration benefits you and your family are entitled to under the law. This is why hiring an immigration lawyer to help you through the immigration procedures is so important to ensure that you do not waste your filing fee paid to US Citizenship & Immigration Services. You need an immigration lawyer to explain to you the answers to your immigration questions. Typically if the beneficiary alien who is applying for the green card is in the United States, you would deal with USCIS when you apply for the green card and work authorization. If the beneficiary is outside of United States, then you will deal with the Department of State, which includes the National Visa Center and US embassy and US Consulate. Beneficiaries applying for a immigrant visa outside of United States is required to pay the visa fee as well as the affidavit of support fee prior to the visa interview and will have to turn in police clearance to show no criminal record and medical exam to show a clean bill of health. If you have a medical condition, it is best that you speak to an immigration attorney before filing your visa application. You can get a free consultation here: We also specialize in citizenship application. INS rules require that the applicant for naturalization (N-400) live in the United States two and half years before the citizenship application can be approved. You also must maintain continuous physical presence in the United States and not leave the US for more than one year at a time. If you have a criminal conviction, you should receive a thorough consultation with immigration attorney. After you have acquired your naturalization certificate, you can petition for immigrant visa for your parents (8 months), spouse (8 months), children and brothers and sisters to immigrate to the United States. We have represented many clients for the work permit status such as H1b, L1 and E1, E2 visa/status. You must have a sponsor employer and a professional job offer. You must also have a college degree, but you can sometimes substitute college degree with work experience. If you were recently laid off from your H1b, you can resume your H1b status with another employer if you have not been laid off for more than 30 days. You may be required to return home to do visa stamping and USCIS may not issue you a new I-94. If you have been terminated from your H-1b employer you may only have a small window of time to transfer your H-1b status to a new employer. The new employer will be required to pay the transfer filing fee and a new Labor Condition Application. Your spouse and dependent children will also be able to receive legal status to remain and study in the United States. I am a US citizen and cannot work, will this affect my immigration status? : I am a US citizen and receive public assistance due to I cannot work because I care for my adult disabled child, will this affect my husbands I-130 to get his residency from immigration. Can I get residency from my brother who is a citizen and how long will it take exactly? : I am 28. I came into the country legally when I was 6 and had a student visa. I lost the student visa when I did poorly in high school now I am illegal. Can my brother who is a citizen petition for me to become a resident and how long will it take exactly? Thank you.Are there any adjustment issues for a B2-visa holder stay legal upon marrying LPR? : How can a B2-visa holder stay legal upon marrying LPR? Any adjustement/work visa needed? To be added LPR is Iranian political assylee based, applied for bankruptcy, protocol7(does it affect sponsorship?) pls advise ur charges on such file. How can I get a green card for my spouse? : My father in law's brother is US Citizen and he has applied for family based green card for my Father in law's whole family. Their I130 is approved last year and now they are waiting for immigrant visa number. Now in between I got married and what forms we need to fill and how to contact embassy in this case so that I can also get green card as my wife is already waiting for her immigrant visa number.How can I help an elderly lady pass the citizenship interview? : How can I get an an elderly uneducated immigrant to pass the citizenship interview? Can I leave the country and return back to the U.S. with a B2 Visa traveling to Mexico from Texas? : I entered the U.S this month on day 15 by B2 visa, I want to travel from Dallas , Texas to Mexico city with some friends for 6 days, and can I do that and get back to U.S? Or I should get a new 1-94 when I entered Dallas airport? Or with the 6 months entry that they already gave it to me in Chicago I can go to Mexico and get back to U.S? Please anybody advise me with this matter because I am planning to go to Mexico City during January, is there is any advice regarding this trip? Can I leave and re enter the U.S. freely with a B2 Visa? : I entered the US with B2 visa and i have 6 months entry. If I left the US during this granted period and I submitted my I-94 in the airport before departed from my country of origin, when will I be able to visit the U.S again? When will my fiance get her oath ceremony letter? : My fiance is Mexican who is a green card holder, she made her U.S Citizenship test and passed it during August. She is still waiting for her Oath ceremony letter, when will she get it and make the Oath ceremony? How much money does my spouse need to make in order to legally sponsor me? : I am Canadian and my fiance is American. I am wondering how much money he needs to be making in order to sponsor me to move to the USA once we are married. Thanks.How can I be granted a green card to study in the United States? : I would like to know, how could my family and me get the green card to live in the U.S. I am 13 years old and I would like to go study there. It has been my dream. I live in London, United Kingdom.Can my boyfriend come back to the US after being deported for a DUI? : He was deported for a DUI about a year and a half ago. He was married here, though he wants to get a divorce. Also, is there any way he can do this and is there any way that he can come back to the US legally. Thank you. How does DUI and petty theft affect 485 initial interview when this info was not given while applying for 485? : My husband is primary applicant. Our 485 was applied for recently. We both received our EADs and parole documents. Last week we received an initial interview call. My husband had forgotten to include his DUI and petty theft information on the 485 forms. He thought since both these issues were finally dismissed, there is no need to put it in 485 forms. My husband is in process of getting all required docs from the court for DUI and petty theft. How should we prepare for interview? How serious is our situation?Can I petition from the US if I overstayed my visa? : I overstayed my visa when I was 13 and now I am 19 yrs old. I have a social security but it's not valid for employment. At one point my mom had a green card because her father (my grandfather) is a U.S. citizen, but she went back to her country and her green card expired, so when she came back years later she overstayed her visa. I just wanted to know, since I am still 19 and according to immigration I am still a child, is there any way that my grandfather could petition me to adjust my status here in the U.S. without me having to go back to my country? What is the progress of my I130 file frozen 20 days before cut-off date? : I have a double situation in the U.S. I work since 2008 with a H1b and I am the sibling of an american citizen who has applied for me a I130. My cut-off date is 21 January 2002. Bad luck: the counter has stopped on 1 January 2002, just 20 days before my cut-off date. And I hear about the coming retrogression. If I cannot get my green card before April, I will have to try to get from my employer the renewal of my H1b. He wants to keep me but I was supposed to get my permanent residency during my first H1b and paying for a renewal could be an issue. So for 20 days I would lost my job and everything I have established here. If the situation comes up, do you think there is any action I can take to have my issue taken in consideration by the USCIS (Ombudsman?). Thank you for your help. Can my grandfather petition me for a green card or adjustment of status in any way? : I overstayed my visa and I was wondering if my American born citizen grandfather could help me adjust my status? Can I petition to get a green card for my father? : My Dad overstayed his B2 Visa for 1 year but 180 days. He is outside the US now. I am a citizen, can I petition a green card for him? Is it easier to go to the states as a visitor, then apply for work permit? : I am an American in Ireland, married to an Irish man for 10 years, if we were to move to the States, which would be the easier way to go about it? Should we go over for holidays and then stay and start the process of getting a work permit from there or should we start the process while living in ireland? Should I go over first and get a job and get settled in? My friend did it from Ireland and found it to be a very painful process. Also, so I have sent another email asking about my husband driving license situation as he has a drink driving offense on his record, was doing really well for two years. Then a friend died and he had one bad day and is now up for another hearing. He may be banned again so it will be the second time, how will this affect his chances and can he get a license? How long does it take for a greencard holder to bring a spouse to the US? : How long does it take for the greencard holder to bring her spouse to the US and get him a green card? Can I use immigration to get debts back from my ex? : My samesex ex partner, the last I heard was up for her permanent residency. I co-signed for her student loan. She is constantly late. I lost everything because when I had finished paying for her visa she walked on all debt and I lost everything through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Can I sue her to force a garnishment to stop this or do I have to wait until she defaults? It is like a yoyo on my credit. I live in California and she lives in Ohio. Can I force her to pay with immigration, because she is not paying?Can i get my green card with petit theft, no jail time, no probation? : I was charged by petit theft in may, I was in court, No jail time, no probation. I already applied to get my green card. Can I gualify under petit theft exception?I am a mexican and a US Green card holder and want to know how long it will take to bring my husband to the US? : I am a Mexican and US green card holder and would like to bring my husband to the US. I lived in Texas and I wanted to know if it is still going to take 9-12 month to bring my husband to the US Could a missed about arrests affect my naturalization interview? : I just came back from my naturalization interview, I thought it would be an easy process. I did not expect s on asylum. s such as how many time, when, where, how long were you arrested, I could not remember the answers to those. Everything else went well but the officer told me she cannot make a decision at this time, but will go through my application deeply and speak to her supervisor. Now I am worried about the outcome. What can I do at this time? How can I bring my fiance to U.S. when I do not have a job? : I met my fiance in Iran when I went to take care of my mother who had cancer. The process took so long (9 months) until she got better and I could come back to the U.S. and now since I came back, I still have no job. I am trying to bring him here, but do not know how!?Can you please help with my immigration problem. : I filed I-130 visa petition on behalf my husband who was in removal proceedings and I-130 it is denied because of lack of evidences my husband last entered with B2 Visa in 2006 and he overstayed, we got married in New York in 05, 2008. In 09/2008 a removal proceedings have been deferred to permit adjudication of the instant I-130. The case therefore, was referred for an interview to be conducted in accordance with the procedure. The problem is when my husband filed his visa application for B2 visa in 2005 in us embassy this application was prepared by a travel agency who had monitored by error that my husband was married, so the cause for the denial of I-130 is this. Since the immigration officer told me that is already married to someone else. Now I have to file eoir-29.Can I apply for a N-400? : I am a green card holder and going to apply N-400, I owe las vegas casino $135000. The D.A made a criminal case against me which is felony. I went though O.R walk-though process and waitting for court date. Can I apply for citizenship during this time? What would happend to my petition? What will my status be if I marry my girlfriend? : I came to the US with a B2 visa and I have 6 months entry, I want to get married with my Girl Friend and she is a green card holder, but she made the U.S citizenship test and she passed it and she still waiting for the Oath Ceremony. My is if I marry her now, what will be my legal status, shall I stay here after the 6 months or get back to my country? What can I do, please advise me? How do I become a resident of California? : I moved to California 2 years ago for school, and now that I have graduated I am living and working in California. I would like to become a California resident but do not know where to get started or what laws are about who can become a resident. Can you give me advice as to where to start and what laws and regulations I need to keep in mind when applying to be a CA resident? Can I get a green card for my husband from a different country? : I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we had a child together. We recently got married outside the US and I am wanting to bring him home to the US with me. He had entered into the US illegally the first time. Is there a way to get him a green card, if so how long will it take? Can we establish citizenship for my sister and bring her back to the United States? : My sister was deported 2 years ago. She had a work permit then but it expired. We have found information on our American citizen father and other sibblings. Can we establish citizenship for her and bring her back? Can my wife stay in the US on a K-1 Visa if we divorce? : My wife came from Colombia to Texas 6 months ago on a K-1 visa. We have been married for 5 months. We are divorcing after 6 months. She is waiting for her green card and permanent status now). We have interview 01/2011. Can she stay in USA if we divorce? Can a green card holder who is in debt have problems with reentry back into the United States? : i am a greencar holder and i would like to travel outside of the us for 2 to 3 weeks but i am currently in debt so i would like to know can that effect my reentry in to the united states? Can I sponsor my friend to get a green card? : A friend of mine entered the US through a visa. Can she apply for a green card with me being her sponsor? What should I do if I have two social security cards? : If I got my social security card, could I apply for financial aide for school? And also I have two social security cards, one from when my brother tried to apply for me back in 1986 and I just recently got another one when I got married to apply for permanent residence. What do I do? I want to use my new one since it is new and get rid of the old one. But I went to school with the old one. It will seem like I am brand new to this world with a whole new identity. What do I do? Will I have residency problems because my father did not report me? : I am a green card holder planning to be a us citizen, but my father who petitioned me did not declare that he has a son when he came to US. He did the same when he got his US citizenship, he did not declare me that he have a son. Is it going to affect me to become a us citizen? Or could there be a problem that will lead me to a deportation? Can someone on a J1 visa be sponsored by their parent without leaving the country? : My friend came to the US with a J1 visa and is not subject to 2 years residency. Can her green card parents sponsor for her so that she can get a green card without going back to her home country? Can I get back in the US before the 10 year ban? : I was deported from the us in 2005. I had a small domestic case (non deportable) and removal was based on non compliance with F1 visa. I have a 6 year old in the us. I miss her so much. Could I get back in the US before the 10 year ban? Can I apply for my mothers green card while she is here on a 10 years visa? : My mom was granted a 10 years visa, she will be coming in February 2011. Can I apply for her to get her green card while she is here in the States or should I wait until she goes back home and then fill her I-130 out? Or should I start the I-130 now? She will be staying in the US for up to 6 months. What is the best option? Thank you. Should I wait until citizenship to sponsor my husband? : I am living in the USA for 5 years and applying for citizenship but I am planning to sponsor my husband to the USA on a green card to reduce immigration time. Which is the faster way, to sponsor right now or should I wait for citizenship? 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