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Lady Real Estate Investor - Lease Option Specialist - Sharing with a "Limited" number of people exactly HOW to get started in Real Estate doing Lease Option's and earning between $5,000 - $15,000 per deal. These are NO Money Down deals, so you will not be placing down payments, you will not need any cash, and you will not need any loans. Your credit "never" comes into play! I have been in Real Estate since 2008! I started with Lease Option's and never stopped! I have done many other types of deals, however, Lease Options have ALWAYS been my "Bread & Butter"! I could Always count on my Lease Options! I am looking to share a specific Blueprint that outlines, explains, and details, absolutely every aspect of how to do these deals. You will NOT find a course, book, or GURU, who will provide you with all that this blueprint/manual contains! Not unless your able to pay upwards of $3,000 or more! Period. They never share with you all of the details, there are always things left out or not quite explained in full completion so that you don't completely get it! I know, because I went through it all myself. Well, I didn't go through it "exactly" that way. The first time I tried it, I DID succeed. I managed to get and control 13 properties within my first 3 months! But that was because I completely absorbed everything I learned, put it to work immediately and figured out a LOT as I went along. I did it ALL from my laptop!! I WANTED that first check! lol! Anyhow, "after" I had achieved a good amount of success and again, it was in a very short period of time, I then decided to buy some of these courses I found online to see what "other" information I could get that could continue to educate me in my new craft. I wanted to know "everything" and now I could afford it! Now here's the thing.... there is a reason "why" these other investor's or GURU's don't share absolutely everything with you. Why? Competition of course! At least that is what they all say to each other... But "here's" the thing! There "is" NO competition! Houses are coming on the market every single day with a large number of them who would "Beg" for you to help them! There will "always" be new houses coming out into the market needing exactly what you are going to be able to do! It's not true!! In my opinion they're just "greedy" and paranoid to some degree. Also, there actually "aren't" a lot of investors who actually DO this! I found that out for myself! It was as if I had found this special niche that other investor's just didn't bother learning how to do or thought it would be too much work! I find it the EASIEST transaction possible out of all of them out there! Most investor's will say "wholesaling" properties is the easiest way, but I can tell you FIRST HAND, it's NOT! And there is a reason it's not. I'm not going into that here. Now "why" am I looking to teach and show a certain small number of people how to do this? Because I have a goal of my own. I have another business that I own that plays into Real Estate as well. But what "I" have found, is that this second business of mine works best with "other" Lease Option Real Estate Investors. So, this is something I will share with you later, after you have made some money! And "what" I have to share with you later will make you even "more" money in your newly found Real Estate Biz of doing Lease Options! I'ts amazing! You can actually make "client's" out of ALL the applicant's who go and look at the homes you are selling via Lease Options but in a whole different way. But let's wait on that! Let's get you started making money first! Basically, there are TWO ways you are going to be making money with Lease Options and I am going to be VERY general here since this is just a quick description on Craigslist and I am not trying to write a novel here. The first way, you make money in "3" different areas. 1.) Staying In The Middle - Or in other words what is called or has been termed a "Sandwich Lease Option". With this method, you are going to get paid on the front end in the form of a down payment. This is where that $5,000- $15,000 comes in. It depends on the house. But typically you are looking at averaging $5- $8,000 here. On "more" expensive homes, that is where you are able to go higher such as $10,000 and above. The "Second" profit point will be from the monthly lease payments. Here you can average anywhere between $100-$300 per month. The difference between what the actual mortgage payment is and what you are charging the tenant/buyer in rent. ( I have "one" house right now where I am making almost $900 per month on. This is because the owner's mortgage payment was SO low that I was able to create a spread like that! I LOVE it when that happens! ) You will run into deals like that however they "are" rare. But you "will" run into situation's where you get really lucky like that! But $100 - $300 a month from one house that you "don't" own, is NOT bad! That's monthly income for the next year or two! Imagine if you were able to put a number of these deals together. That amount obviously increases. Now the THIRD profit point would be what we call the Back End Spread. This will be the difference that you went to contract with the Seller for and what you go to contract with the Buyer for. For example: If you went to contract on a house with a Seller at $150,000 - but the house is actually worth $185,000.... You would have a back end profit of $35,000! However, you would have to subtract out of that what you received in down payment. Pretty Nice Huh? All right, now for the SECOND way to do Lease Options..... 2.) Get In & Get Out - This is a little bit different in that you go about it in the exact same way, however this time you are NOT going to stay in the middle. You are "not" going to profit from the middle or from a back-end spread. You are simply going to keep the Down Payment and be done. The Seller and the Buyer are going to do all the rest and the Seller is going to make any profits that are to be made in the middle or on the End. You will in this transaction, simply get in, make your money, and get out, and then move on to your next deal. Done! Very Nice! Love These! You can do 2-3 of these a month EASY! Even just one will make a huge difference in your life if that is all you want to do..... So, obviously, this was a very short explanation of what you would be doing... I don't want to spend too much time on Craigslist going over Lease Options. lol! If you have ever thought about getting into Real Estate, but just never really new how or what was the best way to get started, please contact me. The manual that I am going to be providing you "will" cost you $400. This is VERY low, but I "have" to charge something! Plus, I want you to be dedicated to what you are investing in. Once you have done a deal or a few deals, we can then discuss the other opportunity that I am making available to Lease Option Real Estate Investors! But go and make some money first! I am VERY excited for you! You "will" notice that this ad WILL come down after I have gained the number of investors that I want to work with. So hopefully that will be you! Do YOU have what it takes?? Yes, you do! ANYBODY can learn this stuff if they put it to work and LOVE what they do! Email me for consideration -

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